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Vladimir Alvarez

Sous Chef

I was born in El Salvador and grew up there. I studied Chemistry and Pharmacy, but when I moved to this country in 2005 my life changed and I started a Culinary career. It has not been easy. I started from the bottom and I have been growing every day in this beautiful profession. I have worked in many restaurants in the Monterey Peninsula area for 17 years.

The art of cooking implies time, passion, creativity, discipline, consistency and much more, but most importantly love. Every day of these 17 years that have passed I have learned different cooking techniques with different people\backgrounds. I am always willing to learn from new people or new places I go to. Now, I have the opportunity to be in this great Foray team. My main goal is to make meals so that each person who tastes them, enjoys every single bite that they take and come back again. To reach my goal I will put all my experience, effort and passion in everything I do in Foray. Lastly, I crave to grow in knowledge with everyone in my Foray team.